"there will always be comfort in knowing that you are comprised of other's parts- because then, you can never be truly alone."

midnight identity crisis is a multimedia surreal walking simulator, focused on how media, other people, and art influence our identities. midnight identity crisis was featured in  the  2021 Comics X Games portion of the Toronto Comics Arts Festival! 

Rated 4.7 out of 5 stars
(22 total ratings)
Authoryuen hoang
Tags2D, 3D, Creepy, First-Person, multimedia, Surreal, Walking simulator

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I couldn't get out when I was reading a comic I couldn't switch pages or interact anything what do I do there.

Hi! Sorry to hear that- which comic were you stuck on? There’s the Sunday Funnies (1), The Garden of Rage Comic Delights (2), and Bunny + Bear (3)!

Sunday Funnies


I was a bit scared to go into this game, because this topic is quite sensitive and can mess up my unstable mind. However, I decided to go for it, and I was pleasantly surprised! This game touched interesting topics without getting very dark, so thank you for this interesting experience c:

I’m glad that this game was able to explore concepts you found interesting without getting too dark- I really do appreciate your kind remarks!

rilly good... :)


thank you! i appreciate it!

Amazing game! I loved the visuals and exploring through it, wonderful work.

Thank you! You’re very kind!

Probably my favourite game at TCAF's Comics X Games: Quick, but complete and satisfying. I loved the variety of elements coupled with the simplicity of gameplay. And I enjoyed the insight into the creator's thought processes and late night musings. Thank you!

Unique and interesting! Quite enjoyed it

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I felt fully immersed in the story. Great game.

This is such a visually and emotionally interesting game that really does get you to think and reminisce about things that really make us who we are, whether it's something as big as life events or as small as games. The art is great, honestly having it be semi animated, being more clunky rather than smooth most of the time is much better for the narrative that just works for the game. The only thing I would suggest is to  perhaps do a bit of the same with the other levels, as breathing life into them through movement can definitley strengthen what you've already got. Otherwise, wonderful experience and great game.

As soon as I started the game, I thought the music went so well. When I got to the elevator I knew you were using 3D audio. I think if you make a corner on the map so that the elevator is not visible right away, it will give a little surprise to people with 3D audio. As others have commented a lot, the 2D sprites and animations work well with this low poly map. I don't know if it was intended, but the light looks like a pixel, possibly due to the web version. Personally, I would prefer much softer light, and baking the light map could be the solution. The level design was so good that I could play repeatedly, and it was good to know the progress of the game by looking at the face filled with pieces every time. I also enjoyed totally three different emotion rooms. The sound was a little loud in the cartoon part, but it would be good to match the sound of the first scene's background music. Overall I enjoyed the game a lot.


i think im having a bReAK DoWn

that was amazing.

the thing that stuck with me is the "we all are all influencing others" (not verbatim) and the "we all have a piece of everyone" (not verbatim. Idk i guess for me, it just goes with the message that we are all made in the image of Christ, and if that is the case, the we are all the same ya know?

altho, just a side note, I had absolutely no idea what i was doing with the paintings, i just walked around until something happened (didn't take long, just really confused)

This is visually amazing, Yuen! The gameplay is very immersive and the color choice is truly *chef kiss*. Overall, I think your goals and accomplishments in this game were exceeded. 

The strongest part of this game is the sense of a wavering identity. As someone who struggles with mental health, this game spoke to me on a personal level. Along with the shitposty, microwaved memes, it truly felt like someone was peering into my mind for a moment. The satirical tone atop addressing serious issues, like impostor syndrome or having an identity crisis, is strong. This is very relatable for me, and probably others as well. Very nicely iterated.

Overall, great job, and hope to see more games like this from you in the future :)

Awesome, the game has come a long way since I last saw it.  I think you can also add some textures to your models and assets to further enhance the aesthetic of your game. The mouse sensitivity is a little jarring, I think lowering that may help. Maybe I'm misremembering but, I noticed you removed some of the original elevator choices I saw from playtesting.  I assume this was due to time constraints. I think you should continue to build the game.

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so good

This a very distinct game in its abstract form of visuals. The manifestation of the atmosphere and its correspondent moods are very well created.  The diversity of visuals and styles in this game is very intriguing and does impose very distinct characteristics to the game. Although diver in styles, this game holds it integrity to the narrative. The mirror is easily one of the most astonishing asset of the game. the dynamicity of the mirror under a static and consistent environment draws emphasis onto this specific item, as it revolves crucially with the narrative. Lowering the mouse sensitivity would improve the gameplay experience :)                   


I love the aesthetics in this game. The mirror animation is my favourite throughout the game. And the blue lights in the bathroom creates such great contrast with the mirror itself. Diving into the 3 scenes, I love how each is very unique and conveys such contrasting emotions. I think my favourite one is the painting room with all the canvases on the walls. Each abstract piece I think contributes to the theme of we are what we absorb from others? I remember one painting has many stick figures lined up in rows and columns and one figure stands out as the red colour. One thing about the first scene is that the character that the player can interact with has a black background and it looks a bit weird when the player walks through it. Also, some of the colliders do not match up too well to the walls in the scene. Just minor things. Furthermore, the scene transition after the face has been constructed to the full white room felt pretty cool. The 3D environment with the monochromatic shades adds to this abstractness of your game. I enjoyed it a lot.