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interesting that you get to learn more about the story only if you choose to participate in the conversation. i like that anon cites some of your comments, it shows that sometimes your words can have a real impact - and sometimes they don't, but it doesn't mean we should stop trying.

i feel like the "narrator says" in-between posts pulled me away from the story. i think the story is powerful enough to stand on its own and it would've been more effective to keep those at the end of the zine only. but i'm also already aware of what transmedicalism is and its effects, so i see how those lines could be helpful for those who don't know about it, esp. if your primary intention was to educate.

that’s totally fair! i think it definitely breaks your immersion, especially if you’re familiar with what concepts i’m speaking on. but thank you for playing through it and leaving your insights! it’s super appreciated! ^__^