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I felt a lot of this deep in my soul. Beautifully made


this is really wonderful, thank you for sharing it.

there's some really interesting design choices, like having the first letter being born christian in an ultrasound, and the idol one has you replace jesus on a cross with an actual idol. i really enjoyed the "how to save a soul" poem for its vivid imagery, i particularly liked the passage about invisible horns. the music choices worked really well.

the first and the last poem really spoke to me, as I've been struggling with similar questions. I was raised muslim, but when I started to diverge from the faith, I asked myself: would I ever have converted to islam if i was raised something else? at some point, it felt like i was just a muslim out of force of habit, so why should i be so lucky to go to heaven and not my unfortunate brother who was born in a christian family? i used to hate myself and pray to god that i wouldn't turn out gay, but now i'm grateful for my queerness because it led me to question and eventually reject my faith. of course there's a lot of atheists and agnostics out there that aren't queer, but it makes me scared to think that there could've been a reality where i kept calling myself a muslim because i didn't have a personal reason to question it. i grieve the time i wasted praying and forbidding myself things that could've been good for me. i also grieve that i'll never be able to fully connect with my parents and siblings because i know that no matter how much they love me and how rational i think they are, i'll always know that they pray to a god that would have me suffer eternally. i  know that a small part of the guilt will almost be there and that i'll keep having nightmares about it, but i'm glad it's lesser than it used to be.

i hope this wasn't too rambley, i just wanted to show you how much your work connected with me. i look forward to more things you make.

i don't talk to a lot of ppl abt my experiences growing up in a devout church in the middle of nowhere, and this rly captured a lot of feelings i thought i was alone in.  thx for making this, it's incredible

This was such a beautiful experience.

grateful for this, thank you for making it! made me feel supported.

I'm trying to figure out what to do with how i was raised too.


This was very good and poetic, thank you for making this!

Thank you so much, you’re very sweet!